About Us


Lidia’s Play Café is a family owned and operated business that was inspired by daughter, Lidia.

Our journey began with a devotion to provide Ridgewood, Queens and its adjacent neighborhoods with a café that parents with small children could appreciate and enjoy. 

Having lived in Ridgewood for most of our lives, we’ve witnessed the drastic makeover that took place over the past several years with lots of cafes opening in our neighborhood. While we love coffee and the small business concept, when we had Lidia, we began to view things through a lens that only parents with small children could understand: the difficultly of squeezing a stroller into small spaces, little or no room to sit with the whole family, trying to keep your child quiet long enough to enjoy a cup of coffee, and the discomfort you feel when your child begins to disturb other patrons. 

We saw the opportunity to accommodate a niche market with a café that specifically caters to parents with small children. Our venue is spacious and our coffee bar is robust. The play zone really makes our café special and was designed with two ideas in mind:

  • to create a fun and safe play room environment that we would want for our own child.

  • to design a Montessori inspired play zone – simple and uncluttered, natural, developmentally inclined, open and cozy.

Most of our toys are made of environmentally friendly wood and were carefully selected to promote the development of children through play. The play zone is great for the kids to mingle while parents enjoy our café selections. 

Stop by and check us out!